TONGUE pursuing LIPS in a soft universe

ENIGMA circumventing a pair of 1/2 clusters

                                   ONCE in a two system

                                                                 FROM & FORM in an if shower

       FISH –  HILL  &  STREAM  in a + & universe

                                                                              TO & FROM entering an un-formation

TIME engaging proximity

Kulture Kraft Entering A Flesh Flow

                                                    MEMORY approaching a non – structure

EMPTY forming out of TIME

SHADOW following GOOD & BAD through an if shower

                                                                                         THOUGHT & LIMIT in an is gallaxy

ODD & EVEN in an either drift

three ONES passing through a BINARY spiral

ISN’T pursuing ONLY through an or field

                                                                                             BETWEEN deforming

                              the great spiral nebula ME in a WE universe


                              SILENCE passing through an etc. shower


PERSPECTIVE born from a SURFACE nebulae


MIND  approaching three BINARY clusters in a zerO universe

PLACE approaching a TO confluence

CHANGE following FORM  through a WAS cloud

1 Comment Add your own

  • 1. Jules  |  October 9, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    Love the Kulture Kraft meets Flesh Flow!


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