About Allan Graham/Toadhouse

Allan Graham the artist is Toadhouse the word groper.

The name Toadhouse came from of an underground “kiva” like structure -dug/built- by me and our son Jess. Each morning as we started digging we would find desert spade-foot toads that had jumped into the hole the night before. Upon completion I started sitting with a pot of tea in toadhouse and writing what ever came through the “mind-field”. This was begun over 20 years ago.

Later I found that the toad is used in Zen writing as an image for the brain or Mind – it hops around in all directions (also it looks like a brain – bifurcated & lumpy).  “Toadhouse” is therefore “mindhouse”.

This blog is an experiment in creating an environment …( a POND ) …of my interests in thought/words  ( like looking at your reflection and waiting ).  It is a form of subjective flexible publication.

I will appreciate any comments you may have.

{ YES-Toadhouse now has “webbed feats and a pond” } thank you Bill P.!







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  • 2. macropattern  |  July 14, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    Hello Allan Graham,
    My name is D.K. Pan and I’m a Seattle-based artist working in video, installation, and performance… I’ve recently come across your work and serendipitously found a connection with your “Time Is Memory” piece at Site Sante Fe from 2000. About 10 years ago, I started writing that phrase in the streets of Seattle and using it as my moniker and title for a number of art projects. I was fascinated to hear of your installation and wanted to initiate a dialogue with you. You can check out some of my work at dkpan.com (needs updating… click on an image twice to go to the article it’s linked to).
    Best regards,


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